We bring great libraries and great leaders together. Bradbury Miller Associates has the knowledge, expertise, and professional connections to help you find the perfect fit for your library. Our full-service approach will allow you to focus on the candidates while we manage the details. We don’t give up until you have the best match for your organization. 

Your Search Begins at Home

We start locally by learning more about your library and community in order to draft a meaningful position announcement and recruit effectively. This is not a cookie-cutter search process – we tailor our recruitment strategy to your needs by taking the time to contact individuals who are doing great work in their current organizations rather than relying solely on candidates finding us.

Professional – Knowledgeable – Thorough

Our team provides expert advice while remaining flexible to your specific needs. We provide full support to your Library’s Board or hiring authority and offer advice and expertise as needed. We manage all the details of the interview process so that decision-makers can focus on making well-informed, thoughtful decisions. Overall, we seek to make a complicated process as easy as it is productive.

Committed to Excellence – Proven Results

We are committed to helping your organization find success and identify a library leader that is an excellent fit. We are responsive to the needs of our clients and respectful of the professionals who seek new opportunities and growth. We are deeply committed to equity, diversity and inclusion within candidate pools and the library profession. We seek to provide an interview process that is focused on providing libraries the best match for their needs as possible.

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Additional Services

BMA is a certified HoganLead Hogan Personality Assessment firm. Hogan Assessments provides organizations with valid and reliable assessment tools and professional consulting expertise. Hogan’s personality, values, and cognitive-based assessment tools are the result of over 54 cumulative years of research and refinement and are used by over half of the Fortune 100 companies for employee selection and/or development purposes.

Information gathered from the assessment tools will be used to develop reports that gauge a candidate’s leadership potential and leadership style; how a candidate may react to challenges and stress; what a candidate’s core values and goals appear to be; and a measure of a candidate’s emotional intelligence. A summary report will allow direct comparison of one candidate to another across these assessments. A consultant from Bradbury Miller Associates who is trained and certified in Hogan Assessments will produce the reports and will work directly with the Library’s Search Committee to interpret and understand the assessments and resulting reports.