Wicomico County Libraries Update

Seth Hershberger, Executive Director

Congratulations to Seth Hershberger who has been selected as the next Executive Director of Wicomico Public Libraries!

Mr. Hershberger earned his master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Missouri. He joined the Peace Corps in 2004, and during his two years of service, he established two primary school libraries in Pacific island villages in the country of Tonga. After returning to the United States, Seth became the Assistant Director – Head of Public Services at Cass County Public Library in Missouri for 10 years. Seth then ventured overseas again, this time to Guyana in South America. There, he worked in the U.S. Embassy as a Public Diplomacy Professional Associate and Community Liaison Officer with the U. S. State Department.

Best wishes to Seth and the Wicomico communities. More information can be found here.